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Calca Solutions, LLC

960 I-10
Service Road
Westlake, LA 70669-5542
Main Phone: 337-430-4023

Description: Calca Solutions is dedicated to excellence in producing and distributing hydrazine solutions and hydrazine-based propellants. These products are used in a wide variety of applications including pharmaceutical, agricultural, and aerospace industries.

Cambrex Corporation

One Meadowlands Plaza
East Rutherford, NJ 07073-2150
Main Phone: 201-804-3000
Fax: 201-804-9852

cambrex/ @cambrex

Description: Cambrex is the small molecule company that provides drug substance, drug product and analytical services across the entire drug lifecycle. Enjoy working with our experts to accelerate your small molecule therapeutics into the market.

With over 40 years’ experience and a growing team of over 2,100 experts servicing global clients from sites in North America and Europe, Cambrex is a trusted partner in branded and generic markets for API and dosage form development and manufacturing.

Cambrex offers a range of specialist drug substance technologies and capabilities including biocatalysis, continuous flow, controlled substances, solid state science, material characterization and highly potent APIs. In addition, Cambrex can support conventional dosage forms including oral solids, semi-solids and liquids and has the expertise to manufacture specialist dosage forms such as modified-release, fixed dose combination, pediatric, bi-layer tablets, stick packs, topicals, controlled substances, sterile and non-sterile ointments.

Centauri Technologies LP

5200 Underwood Rd
Pasadena, TX 77507-1058
Main Phone: 281-474-4675
Fax: 281-474-4680

Description: CENTAURI Technologies, LP is a technology driven specialty chemical manufacturing company based in Pasadena, Texas (Houston). CENTAURI Technologies, LP provides specific expertise in high pressure (up to 2000 PSI) and high temperature (up to 600F) chemical processes as well as a strength in high efficiency product separations to drive high product purity.

Charter Brokerage LLC

125 Park Ave
Rm 1800
New York, NY 10017-8546
Main Phone: 212-363-9300
Fax: 212-363-9393

Description: Charter is a global trade services company, licensed to operate in the United States and Canada. As a customs broker and freight forwarder, Charter provides prompt and efficient import and export clearance of merchandise. Charter is the industry leader in providing drawback services for the recovery of import duties, taxes and fees. We also provide administrative and inventory-tracking services for the operation of foreign-trade zones and bonded warehouses. Since its inception, Charter has incorporated compliance into all its service offerings and now provides a complete customs solution for its clients. We believe compliance is the foundation for excellence in the trade process. Our staff of legal and trade experts helps our clients steer clear of customs and export liabilities and provides advice on cost-saving strategies. Charter is a strong, steady voice in the industry, whether commenting on proposals, clarifying issues at industry conferences or leading a coalition of companies to advance our clients’ best interests. We have longstanding relationships with government officials at every agency level. Initially assisting the petroleum and airline industries, Charter has expanded to provide services to a large variety of industries, including petrochemicals, chemicals, biofuels, industrial machinery and equipment, metals and food products, among others.

CHEM Group Inc.

PO Box 3642
Evansville, IN 47735-3642
Main Phone: 800-489-2306

Trade Name: ORG CHEM Group

Description: ORG CHEM Group is a commercial toll processor specializing in the distillation of high boiling / heat sensitive materials by short path distillation.

ChemDesign, Inc.

2 Stanton St
Marinette, WI 54143-2543
Main Phone: 715-735-9033
Fax: 715-735-5304
ChemDesign chemdesign chemdesign

Description: Since 1983, ChemDesign has been a leader in the manufacturing of specialty organic chemicals. ChemDesign specializes in the production of fine chemicals for the Agrochemical and Specialty chemical markets. We have the experience, expertise, and facilities to offer a variety of specialty chemical products. We make chemistry work by effectively translating your technical information and implementing a successful production process. Toll conversions and custom syntheses are available.
ChemDesign operates an award-winning manufacturing site in Marinette, Wisconsin. With over 40 reactors across multiple production suites, ChemDesign can quickly adapt to meet the facility requirements of a multitude of chemistries. The technical staff, 24/7 operation, and well-equipped quality control facilities provide a reliable platform to ensure success.

Chemical Consultants LLC

49448 Taft Lane
Canton, MI 48188-6692
Main Phone: 586-243-1843

Chemicals America, Inc.

809 N Fairway Rd
Glenside, PA 19038-1406
Main Phone: 215-882-9100
Fax: 215-695-5520

Description: Organizer of Specialty & Agro Chemicals America, North American-focused trade event gathering buyers and suppliers of chemical products, custom & toll manufacturing, and related technologies for the specialty, fine, agro and industrial chemical manufacturing markets.


Banner Technology, Inc.

959 Pleasantville Dr
Houston, TX 77029-2431
Main Phone: 713-675-3100
Fax: 713-675-3111

Description: ChemOrganics provides process development and custom manufacturing services for specialty and fine chemicals, personal care products, pharmaceutical intermediates, and electronic chemicals. The 17,000 sq. ft. facility includes fully equipped laboratories, pilot and commercial scale manufacturing equipment with complete support utilities, process control systems, and appropriate environmental equipment. Unit operations include multi-step organic synthesis, high pressure reactions, batch and semi-continuous processes, filtration, centrifugation, distillation and drying.

Chromis Technologies

30 Technology Drive
Suite 1J
Warren, NJ 07059-5176
Main Phone: 732-764-0900

Description: With a history of innovation spanning more than two decades, Chromis Technologies manufactures amorphous fluoropolymers for myriad high-value specialty applications supporting companies in the semiconductor, electronics, gas separation, additive manufacturing, medical diagnostic devices, analytical instruments, and other industrial and technology sectors.

CJB Industries, Inc.

204 E Hill Ave
P.O. Box 1362
Valdosta, GA 31601-5706
Main Phone: 229-293-0800
Fax: 229-293-0103
@CJBIndustries cjb-industries-inc-/?trk=ppro_cprof cjbindustries

Description: With an uncompromising commitment to providing the best chemical manufacturing and chemical packaging services in the industry, CJB Industries can help you turn your business challenges into competitive advantages. We enable our customer-partners to achieve their objectives — from long-term production contracts to temporary capacity solutions — strategically and cost-effectively.

Many of the world’s largest chemical companies rely on CJB Industries to provide contract chemical manufacturing, chemical tolling, formulating, processing, packaging, and laboratory services that meet their exacting standards. This enables us to offer growing companies the same high level of excellence in manufacturing processes, quality control, EHS compliance, and supply management — so you don’t have to be a major multinational to take advantage of industry best practices.

Whether your objective is increased flexibility, business growth, efficient use of capital, product consistency — or all of the above — CJB Industries can customize a solution for you. We commit to meeting or exceeding your expectations for quality, efficiency, service and results.

Coffman Collaborative

44 Coffman Estates
Charleston, WV 25312-9592
Main Phone: 304-549-8991

Description: Coffman Collaborative is a public relations firm specializing in governmental affairs, reputation management, community relations, and stakeholder engagement. Founded in 2021, with a vision to become a full-service communications portal for Appalachian-based businesses in the manufacturing, energy, industrial, transportation and tourism sectors. Our focus is collaborating with you to be a part of your team to deliver results.

Colonial Chemical, Inc

225 Colonial Drive
South Pittsburg, TN 37380-7275
Main Phone: 423-837-8800
Fax: 423-837-3888

Description: Colonial Chemical manufactures cosmetic and industrial surfactants, performance additives and other key building-block ingredients for use in personal care, household and industrial, lubrication and oilfield applications.

Critical Chemicals Company LLC

4410 Arapahoe Avenue, Suite 200
Boulder, CO 80303-1155
Main Phone: 445-444-5932

Custom Processing Services, Inc

2 Birchmont Drive
Reading, PA 19606-3266
Main Phone: 610-779-7001

Description: Custom Processing Services is an accomplished, dedicated, and comprehensive toll processing services provider that combines technical proficiency with a keen business sense, with the primary aim of enhancing your profitability. Our approach revolves around harnessing unparalleled expertise in particle technology and aligning it with your strategic business objectives to uncover new horizons for your products, ultimately propelling your prospects for success to greater heights.
At Custom Processing Services, we extend our contract manufacturing and toll processing services across a diverse spectrum of industries. Our specialized procedures are centered on the meticulous manipulation of particle sizes through various techniques, including jaw crushing, pulverizing, micronizing, and media milling. We don't stop there; we offer a host of supplementary services such as flash drying, surface treatments, blending, dispersing, and comprehensive packaging solutions to cater to your unique needs.

Our commitment to technical excellence is matched only by our dedication to fostering your bottom line. We understand that in the dynamic landscape of modern industry, success hinges not only on precision and innovation but also on cost-efficiency and strategic thinking. That's why we approach every project with your long-term prosperity in mind. We aren't just processing materials; we're processing opportunities, innovation, and progress.

Custom Processing Services is not merely a service provider; we are your partners in progress. We strive to transform your products today, guided by your aspirations, to elevate your potential for future triumph. With us by your side, you're not just processing; you're progressing towards a future filled with success, innovation, and limitless possibilities.

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