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Chiral Technologies Inc.

800 N 5 Points Rd
West Chester, PA 19380-3410
Main Phone: 610-594-2100
Fax: 610-594-2325
Web site:
@ChiralTech chiraltech chiral-technologiesinc/

Description: Chiral Technologies Inc. specializes in enantiomeric chromatography products and services for the pharmaceutical and related industries. Products offered are Daicel HPLC chiral columns (analytical to large-sized prep columns) and bulk chiral chromatography media. Chiral Technologies and its Affiliates in the Daicel Group offer chromatography outsourcing services for pre-clinical, clinical and commercial pharmaceutical intermediates. Chiral Technologies is the leading supplier of chiral chromatograph produts and services in North and South America. To maintain our leadership, we continually create new technologies, products and services and provide excellent support to meet the rapidly growing needs of our customers.

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