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Baker Hughes Company

12645 W Airport Blvd
Sugar Land, TX 77478-6120
Main Phone: 281-276-5400
Fax: 281-275-7395

Description: We are Baker Hughes, an energy technology company. We take energy forward – making it safer, cleaner, and more efficient for the people and the planet. We are the leading energy technology company. We design, manufacture, and service transformative technologies to help take energy forward. This is made possible through our technology, our people, our scope and scale, and our low-carbon commitment. For more than a century, our inventions have revolutionized energy. We harness the power of engineering, data, and science to redefine what’s possible.


700 Blair Road
Carteret, NJ 07008-1221
Main Phone: 973-748-8980


Description: Berjé is a family-owned business that has been in operation for six decades.
The company's strength lies in a profound understanding of the supply and the quality of the diverse raw materials consumed by the flavor and fragrance industries.

Biddle Sawyer Corporation

505 8th Ave
New York, NY 10018-6505
Main Phone: 212-736-1580
Fax: 212-239-1089


Description: The Biddle Sawyer Group is a full service distributor of chemical products. The hallmark of our company is service. Our customers work closely with our technically trained Product Managers from initial phone call to final delivery. Specializing in fine and specialty chemicals, the Biddle Sawyer Group products can be supplied directly from factories around the world or on a “just-in-time” basis from more than ten warehouse locations in North America. Our sourcing skills allows us to find the right chemical, or the means to perform reactions to make custom products. Long-standing relationships with producers allow us to monitor their quality, service, packing and logistics – this adds up to savings for our customers and brings high-quality, low cost goods to their door.

Bimax Incorporated

158 Industrial Rd
Glen Rock, PA 17327-8626
Main Phone: 717-227-1774
Fax: 717-277-1775


Description: Bimax specializes in the manufacture of functional monomers for coatings, adhesives, water treatment and contact lenses. Our products include acrylic and methacrylic esters, allylics, alkoxylates, maleate esters and phenolics. Capacity from kilos to bulk quantities. Strong emphasis on product-process development supported by our laboratory and pilot facilities. Range of equipment capabilities including high vacuum distillation, solids handling, and polymer manufacture.

Boaz Partners, LLC

828 Ralph McGill Blvd NE #316
Atlanta, GA 30306-4347
Main Phone: 404-445-2035

Boron Specialties, LLC

2301 Duss Avenue
Box 35
Ambridge, PA 15003-0035
Main Phone: 855-267-6605

Description: Boron Specialties LLC develops and manufactures chemicals and materials which leverage the unique properties of boron. We focus on boranes and borohydrides, with emphasis on polyhedral and isotopically-enriched compounds. We help customers source, stock, use and safely manage boranes at scale. We specialize in the commercialization of advanced boron-enabled technologies for life science, electronics, energy, and other applications through custom research, process development, market development, product safety, and regulatory compliance management. Boron Specialties offers bulk quantities of dimethylamine borane (DMAB), sodium cyanoborohydride, and low-metal sodium borohydride powder and granules, and we can source a wide range of other bulk boranes. We also make (or are developing) ammonia borane, isotopic borohydrides, and polyhedral boranes including B10H10, B12H12, decaborane & various carboranes. We also offer research services for development of custom boranes & borohydrides as well as applications involving these products.

Boulder Scientific Company

P.O. Box 548
598 3rd Street
Mead, CO 80542-0548
Main Phone: 970-535-4494
Fax: 970-535-4584

Description: Boulder Scientific Company is a world leader in the development and manufacture of single-site catalysts and co-catalysts for the polyolefin industry. BSC specializes in Metallocenes, Boron compounds, Organosilanes, Organometallic catalysts, Grignard reagants, Grignard reactions, Organobismuth compounds, Scandium, and custom organic and organometallic synthesis.

Bulk Chemicals Incorporated

1074 Stinson Drive
Reading, PA 19605-9440
Main Phone: 610-926-4128

Description: Bulk Chemicals, Inc. is a global leader in the development, manufacture, marketing, and servicing of specialty metal treatment chemicals for a wide variety of industrial applications.

As leaders in the metal pre-treatment industry, our chemicals are developed with a focus on the health of our environment, providing technically advanced options for cleaning, treating, and sealing metals. Extensive research and development has allowed us to create some of the most effective and environmentally-friendly metal pre-treatment chemicals available.

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