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EPIC Systems Group, LLC

4142 Meramec Bottom Rd
St. louis, MO 63129-2127
Main Phone: 314-714-1580

Description: EPIC Systems is an engineering design and fabrication company. We design, build, and integrate custom process systems for manufacturers; adding value by blending diverse engineering expertise with in-house fabrication capabilities, plant experience and a unique approach.

Evonik Corporation

299 Jefferson Rd
Parsippany, NJ 07054-2827
Main Phone: 973-929-8000
Fax: 973-929-8161
@Evonik evonik/ Evonik

Description: Evonik Industries is the creative industrial group based in Germany with operations throughout the world. The Chemicals Business Area operates in attractive areas of specialty chemicals, a filed in which we rank among the market leaders in more than 80 percent of our activities and we are systematically increasing this position. Evonik is the technological leader with high innovative capability: More than 20 percent of chemical sales are generated by products and applications developed in the past five years. Evonik has over 100 production sites in 28 countries around the world. Creativity, specialization, self-renewal and reliability are the core competencies that give Evonik a competitive edge. Evonik. Power to create.


9801 Westheimer Road
Suite 300
Houston, TX 77042-3979
Main Phone: 713-400-7386

Description: Exim-Indis has been the trusted partner for custom chemical synthesis and sourcing services for chemists, entrepreneurs, and supply chain specialists in the life science, chemical, and related industries since our establishment in 2004. Our team is based in Houston, TX and offers a comprehensive one-stop solution to meet your specific needs, whether it's an initial gram quantity, scale-up processing, or regular commercial quantities.

At Exim-Indis, we understand the importance of regulatory compliance and ensure that all your specific requirements, including ISO, cGMP, Food Grade, Kosher, FIFRA, or HPAPI, are met. We offer a full range of FTE services to support and augment your existing staff, and we partner with a variety of worldwide chemical service providers to cost-effectively support your project needs.

Our experienced project managers work closely with you to ensure efficient delivery of our services. Our team of experienced chemists and engineers can handle your custom chemical synthesis challenges, including small molecule synthesis, multi-step organic synthesis and inorganic synthesis. We approach each project on a custom basis to ensure your specific requirements are met.

We pride ourselves on building long-term relationships with our customers by identifying, qualifying, and securing the best suppliers worldwide, particularly in India, China, and Europe. We understand the need for innovation in creating new products and specialize in presenting our customers with unique sources and specialty products through technology transfer, custom synthesis, and contract manufacturing.

As your global network partner, we act as a sourcing office for our customers, providing complete transparency of operations and full disclosure at every step. Our extensive knowledge of regulatory requirements in US and European markets ensures that we deliver quality products at competitive prices, accompanied by technical and commercial follow-up.

With over three decades of experience in international trade, we offer a range of services specific to sourcing from the Indian, Chinese, and European market, including product sourcing, custom synthesis, contract manufacturing, plant auditing, quality control, regulatory compliance, technical support, and logistics.

Choose Exim-Indis as your global partner for sourcing raw materials, and benefit from our proven expertise, excellent communication skills, and professionally managed operations.

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