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Optima Chemical Group LLC

200 Willacoochee Hwy
Douglas, GA 31535-4118
Main Phone: 912-384-5101
Fax: 912-384-6330
Web site:
Optima-Chemical-269743427081210 optima-chemical-llc/

Description: Optima Chemical offers a wide variety of Organometallic, Organosilanes, Organophosphines, Metal Hydrides and Grignards to compliment its well established Boronic Acid product lines. These new products are in line with customer needs and provide synergy with Optima?s primary business of custom and contract manufacturing business. Additionally, Optima is now the licensed manufacturer and seller of several of Alkylithiums and Lithium Alkoxides. Manufacturing capabilities for any for these products range from grams to metric tons. Optima continues to focused on the core business of custom manufacturing and support services for advanced intermediates and fine chemicals to several industries including Pharmaceutical, Nutraceutical, Bioscience, Personal Care, and Food/Flavors. We are a full service Contract/Custom synthesis manufacturer offering services over a comprehensive range of scale including: Bench, 22 Liter Kilo lab, 50 gallon and 250 gallon Pilot Plants, and up to 5,000 gallon commercial scale reactors. These reactor systems are available in both Glass Lined and Stainless Steel materials of construction. Our expertise resides in Organometallic reactions including Grignard chemistry, alkali metal reactions, and other water/oxygen sensitive chemistries. Niche Bioprocessing technology includes Biomass Extraction capabilities to support Bioscience/Life Science Industries. Our company is committed to maintaining outstanding Safety, Security, Health, and Environmental performance. Optima Chemical has been recognized several consecutive years for exemplary Environmental/Health/Safety performance. Our technical and manufacturing expertise in multiple unit operations synthesis, excellent safety, health, and environmental compliance and operational agility make Optima an excellent choice for fine chemical products and manufacturing needs.

ORG CHEM Group Inc.

PO Box 3642
Evansville, IN 47735-3642
Main Phone: 800-489-2306
Web site:

Description: ORG CHEM Group is a technology based company that specializes in the distillation of numerous types of materials with an emphasis on high boiling or heat sensitive materials. ORG CHEM Group has the capability to separate, blend, pastillate and/or react these materials to meet customer needs. Key applications and market segments include agricultural chemicals, industrial chemicals, petrochemicals and polymeric materials.

Organic Technologies

545 Walnut St
Coshocton, OH 43812-1656
Main Phone: 740-622-0755
Web site:

Description: Custom Chemicals and food ingredients manufacturer with a wide portfolio of products and services in the fine chemical, food ingredient, pharmaceutical, and nutritional supplement markets.

Ortec, Incorporated

PO Box 1469
Easley, SC 29641-1469
Main Phone: 864-859-1471
Fax: 864-859-8580
Web site:

Description: Ortec is a leading polymer technology, medical material and custom chemical synthesis company. Ortec manufactures to FDA Regulations CFR 210, 211, 810 and 110. From small scale to full product commercialization, Ortec develops innovative and timely solutions for both manufacturing and product development.

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