How can I find business partners and be in the know on industry intelligence?

    SOCMA’s commercial network helps you find the right connections to develop partnerships with contract manufacturers and customers. We are your bridge to finding suppliers and customers through our lead sheet services, and we are your source of intelligence for end-market insights and product applications. Our ChemSectors network provides the industry intelligence to make key business growth decisions.

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    What resources will help me strengthen my operations, train my employees and improve safety?

    Our compliance and stewardship programs promote and guide the implementation of safe, sustainable and environmentally responsible operations across the supply chain.

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    Where can I get intel on the latest regulations and policy specifically impacting specialties?

    We are a powerful industry advocate. Our regulatory and legislative programs ensure you are always at the forefront of any issues or policies that may impact the way you do specialty chemistry.

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    October 17, 2019

    SOCMA ChemTrends: Preparing for Customer Audit

    SOCMA ChemTrends: Preparing for Customer Audits Paul HirshSenior Vice President, Industry Development and Strategic Partnerships The pace of material sourcing and outsourcing is increasing. SOCMA members represent a unique space within the chemicals supply-chain as manufacturers of intermediates. I often ask our member company executives – do you find your company tied up with an… View Article
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    October 17, 2019

    China Tariffs and Impacts to the Chemical-Pharmaceutical Industry

    Rigid purity and performance demands, costly infrastructure and expertise and economic and global trends often result in a lack of suppliers outside China. And, in the event that alternate sources exist, supplier(s) often lack adequate volume to make up for shortfalls from China and so SOCMA members are placed on insufficient allocation and face price increases that results in the loss of market share to foreign competitors not subject to such taxes on inputs needed to formulate products.
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    October 15, 2019

    SOCMA Week: Convening the Specialty Chemical Industry

    Top 4 Things to Know About SOCMA Week Register by Friday, October 18 for the early bird rate! SOCMA is returning to its roots and embracing the bayou for its renewed annual conference and dinner. Here are the Top 4 things you should know about this year’s event. 1. SOCMA Week Provides 20 Educational Sessions… View Article
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