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Air Liquide MEDAL

305 Water St
Newport, DE 19804-2410
Main Phone: 302-225-2137
Fax: 302-225-0411
Web site:
AirLiquide @AirLiquideUSA airliquide/

Description: Air Liquide is the global leader in advanced technology methods to purify and produce gases for a wide range of applications. Located in Newport, Delaware USA, MEDAL was created in 1988 as a joint venture between Air Liquide and DuPont. Since 1992, MEDAL has been wholly-owned by Air Liquide. MEDAL has developed and commercialized the most advanced gas separation membranes available to industry. MEDAL manufactures hollow fiber membrane modules and complete systems for air separation/nitrogen generation, carbon dioxide removal and hydrogen purification. Nitrogen Applications: Oil and gas drilling Controlled atmosphere Maritime transport General inerting Beverage dispensing Tire inflation Laboratory gas supply OBIGGS Hydrogen Applications: Hydrogen recovery Olefin recovery Hydrogen/ carbon monoxide ratio adjustment Carbon dioxide Applications: Natural gas (sweetening) Biogas/landfill gas Synthetic natural gas Enhanced Oil Recovery Over the last decade gas separation via membrane has become a proven technology. Heading into the future, Air Liquide/MEDAL will continue to be at the forefront of membrane based gas separation solutions. MEDAL is an ISO-9001 certified company.

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