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Centauri Technologies LP

5200 Underwood Rd
Pasadena, TX 77507-1058
Main Phone: 281-474-4675
Fax: 281-474-4680
Web site:

Description: CENTAURI Technologies,LP combines the unique processing capabilities of vapor and liquid phase fixed bed reactors at pressures to 1200 psig and temperatures to 600 F on a commercial scale with the synergy of high vacuum batch and continuous distillations at a single site. With batch reactor capabilities to 8500 gallons and 2000 psig, CENTAURI features flexible, multipurpose continuous production and conventional catalytic batch slurry autoclaves. Distillation options include batch or continuous operation with sidedraw capabilities at FV/100 psig in columns with up to 60 theoretical stages, and up to 48" diameter with high efficiency structure packed columns. Additional unit operations include high vacuum flash capabilities, dual mode CSTR's and continuous extraction column.

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