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Deepwater Chemicals, Inc.

196122 E County Road 40
Woodward, OK 73801-5656
Main Phone: 580-256-0500
Fax: 580-256-0575
Web site:
Trade Name: DWC

Description: Deepwater Chemicals, Inc. a subsidiary of Toyota Tsusho Corp, has long been a source of fine iodine derivatives to domestic and foreign customers. Winner of numerous quality awards from its clients, Deepwater prides itself on quality and consistency of its fine chemicals produced under cGMP. From production to quality control to final shipment, our highly trained team insures the best quality, and reliable service for our customers. Deepwater is the only FDA inspected site with a Facilty Establishment Identification number in North America producing Iodine derivatives.  Our Sales Management Staff are able to interface with our clients to solve problems or design products to meet their needs. In the pharmaceutical area, we produce numerous USP certified bulk products.  We are also an ISO 14001 establishment and hold a ChemStewards Certificate.

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