Ronae Jones

Assistant Manager, Programs & Operations

Alma mater
Old Dominion University 

Norfolk, VA

Years working in marketing & operations fields

3 Years

SOCMA is excited to introduce our newest staff member, Ronae Jones, Assistant Manager, Programs & Operations, who will help guide the development and execution of programs and events – behind-the-scenes, on-screen, and onsite.  

Samantha Hill, Manager, Communications, recently sat down with Ronae to learn more about her and what she’s most excited about in her new role with the association.  

Q1: What has contributed most to your professional development that you can utilize at SOCMA? 

I’ve learned so much throughout my career path, especially in the areas of marketing, operations and production. My most constructive professional opportunities have been in fast-paced environments where companies were in the midst of growth and evolution. These scenarios enabled me to develop valuable partnerships and a mind for business ideas and strategies that I’ve continued to build upon.

Having well-rounded insight and knowledge into all aspects of business operations, I can execute from the production side, creative marketing, event planning and all in between. Whether behind-the-scenes or onsite at an event, I can also leverage my skills to maximize all aspects of the diverse offerings SOCMA delivers to its members. 

Q2: Your background encompasses marketing, production and customer service. How will those aspects enhance your role with SOCMA? 

I’m excited to work cross-departmentally to help implement creative strategies throughout our products and services. I’ve already been able to utilize my logistics and administrative knowledge within my role at the SOCMA Show in Fort Worth, and I’d just come on board a few days prior to the event! The show was a great way to dive straight into learning what I can offer through my new position and make connections with SOCMA members and partners across the industry. 

Going forward, my position will also entail much of the trade show planning. I’ll work on everything from assessing numbers and metrics from the 2022 event, identifying new and different tools and resources for the show, to being onsite in Nashville next year, and maximizing an already great industry event!

 Q3: What’s the most interesting thing you’ve learned about the specialty chemicals industry since joining SOCMA? 

Getting to work onsite at the Fort Worth trade show right after joining SOCMA was an effective way for me to quickly learn a lot about the in-person dynamics industry colleagues have with one another. There is a strong value on relationships and face-to-face meetings, especially as companies seek partners for projects requiring specific capabilities and needs. 

The educational session topics also gave me insight into real-time trends the industry currently faces, and how they communicate and work together to successfully navigate various scenarios. This industry is brimming with innovation and collaboration, not only at the technical level, but with a spirit that is evident among the people across the industry itself. 

Q4: What is one thing most people don’t know about you?

Something most people don’t know about me is that I speak and read Spanish very well. I was immersed in the language from a young age through close family friends and found early on that learning to read, speak, and write in Spanish came very naturally to me. I enjoyed learning Spanish so much that I minored in it in college and speak it whenever the opportunity arises. SOCMA has a few international member companies based in Spanish-speaking countries, and I hope to utilize those translation skills during future site visits abroad!

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