Michael Ott, President, CEO & Owner, Polysciences, Inc.

SOCMA is excited to welcome 2021 Board Chairman Michael Ott, President, CEO and owner of Polysciences, Inc., a specialty chemicals manufacturer based in Warrington, PA, with locations around the globe.

His outlook for SOCMA:

“I really am proud to be commencing my role as Board Chair during such an exciting time for SOCMA, in its centennial anniversary year, and during a period of such growth potential for the association. The recent acquisition of the Specialty and Custom Chemicals Show, along with the numerous commercial, manufacturing and policy offerings SOCMA provides for the specialty chemicals industry, further positions the organization in its strongest role of connecting and extending its reach across the specialties value chain more than any other time in recent history.

The association has held together brilliantly throughout the pandemic. SOCMA has done a fantastic job of holding our membership together, offering critical resources we need to make it through such a difficult time.”

His passion for chemistry:

Mike grew up on a small farm in Indiana and credits this experience for shaping his journey through a life that would lead him around the world and ultimately, to success as an entrepreneurial owner of his own specialty chemical company.

After working his way through school and receiving his undergrad degree in chemical engineering from Purdue University, Mike started his career at Rohm and Haas, a specialty chemical manufacturer for end-use markets such as building and construction, electronic devices, packaging, household and personal care products.

He credits his business acumen and acute “safety first” mentality to his early industry experience with the company. Mike also saw the world through the lens of the larger specialty chemicals company, working not only stateside for Rohm and Haas’ U.S. locations, but also for two overseas subsidiaries. It was his time at the New Zealand and Mexico facilities that he learned the overall operations of running a chemical plant.

Having lived through an earthquake in Mexico in 1985, Mike packed up his family and brought his wealth of experience back to the states, where he went to work for Polysciences, Inc. With eight years under his belt, Mike purchased the company and has expanded it to Ott Scientific, a holding company of specialty chemical manufacturing and related companies in the United States, Germany and Taiwan. Working alongside his sons, Ryan and Andrew, Mike has built Polysciences into a thriving business over the course of the past 30 years, growing at a rate of 9% year-over-year.

His love for family:

Mike’s passion extends well beyond his business. He is a proud husband, father and grandfather to four (soon to be five!) grandchildren, the oldest of which is seven. Mike says age is not a factor when it comes to immersing his grandchildren, who call him “Big Dog,” into the business. He proudly shared that many of their gifts are science related, including periodic table blankets and chemistry sets. Mike is also an avid golfer, and he enjoys playing with his two long-haired dachshunds, whohe considers his kids, not dogs!

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