December 13, 2017

Now that 2017 has come to an end, ChemStewards is all set to take on the new direction of SOCMA in 2018. As we get a head start of this new phase, we are planning the year ahead by reviewing the program’s successes to date and determining how we can encompass the unique needs of each sector in the coming year.Highlighting the year was our 2017 National Chemical Safety Symposium in Houston, where we had more than 100 chemical industry EHS&S professionals and a slate of expert speakers to discuss the latest trends in the industry. The Symposium took place shortly after Houston was hit by Hurricane Harvey, and we were able to hear first-hand about the resiliency of our members and how they successfully handled this epic storm. Here is a look at some of the other accomplishments from 2017: 

It has been busy year for our team, and as we begin the New Year we hope to continue to provide value, recognition, networking and education to our members. If you have any ideas you would like us to consider for the upcoming year, please let the ChemStewards team know.In addition to a new focus of compliance of stewardship for ChemStewards, SOCMA is currently pivoting in a new direction based on a segmentation model and developing sectors based on the markets into which our member companies sell their products and/or provide services. Our three key sectors include Performance Chemicals, AgChem and PharmaChem. These sectors will provide a more customized experience for the membership. Within each of these sectors, SOCMA members will have an opportunity to develop strategic partnerships and look at trends and issues that impact their businesses and ability to remain competitive. SOCMA is also embracing the power of smaller, more personalized working and peer groups that focus on issues impacting your areas of specialization. In establishing this new direction, we are reaching out to you for insight and feedback. If there is an area you wish to be more involved in please let us know. 

We will keep members updated on all of our initiatives as the year progresses.

Thank you for your continued support during the year, and if you have any questions, please contact us at

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