Coronavirus (COVID-19) Planning and Response Update 3/26/2020

MFG Chemical continues to monitor the status of the COVID-19 pandemic and implement business continuity strategies to mitigate risk to personnel health and disruptions to our business partners. The following actions and policies are currently in effect.

Continuity of Supply Logistics and Product Delivery


  • We are monitoring the spread of COVID-19, corresponding market impacts and developments, as well as governmental actions that could affect supply chains.
  • We are in regular communications with our supplier partners to understand current and forecasted impacts to raw material availability. This includes any challenges to production, packaging and transporting of raw materials.
  • MFG has redundancy in raw material supply sourcing to maintain flow of materials for production needs
  • We are in regular communications with our logistics service providers to understand and forecast potential impacts to our ability to deliver products safely to our customers. We will promptly communicate any forecasted or imminent impacts directly to affected parties.
  • MFG has implemented remote working rotations for customer care, logistics and other support personnel not classified as workers essential to maintaining operations at our production and laboratory facilities.

Overall Status:

At this time, MFG is not experiencing significant issues to raw material supply or product transportation to our customers. There are no plans to increase inventory above normal levels at this time.

Coordination with Governmental Authorities


  • We are monitoring communication outputs by WHO, CDC, state and local health departments.
  • We have reached out to local health departments to confirm protocols for preventing exposure and managing confirmed and suspected cases. We have incorporated these protocols into our internal policies and practices.

Overall Status:

Confirmed coronavirus cases have been documented in counties where MFG facilities are located. Stay-at-home orders have been implemented by local authorities in some locations. However, MFG falls into the category of critical and essential infrastructure and employees classified as essential workers continue to report to production and laboratory locations.

Employee and Visitor Safety

  • Travel restrictions have been implemented. All travel except for local commute to work is currently suspended.
  • MFG has suspended attendance to external conventions, meetings and other gathering events.
  • In addition to travel restrictions, MFG has implemented access restrictions to all facilities for non-employees; including visitors, contractors and service providers. No impromptu visits by vendors are allowed and all visitors must have an appointment and undergo an inquiry process, including temperature and other symptom screening, before entering MFG facilities. Notices have been posted at all entryways notifying approaching personnel of these requirements and access controls are in place to prevent unauthorized entry.
  • Remote working protocols have been implemented. Only personnel classified as essential to maintaining operations are reporting to manufacturing, laboratory and office locations.
  • We have implemented increased cleaning and disinfecting activities and worked with our PPE suppliers to assure availability.
  • Enhanced social distancing measures have been implemented to eliminate gathering for meetings where technology can be leveraged to facilitate group collaboration.
  • Isolation and quarantine protocols consistent with health department guidelines are ready to be implemented as needed.
  • Company-wide communications have been established to keep our employees informed of COVID-19 developments, recommended precautions, actions taken by the company to mitigate risk, clarifying policies and sources of information they can access to learn more about the COVID-19 outbreak.

Overall Status:

No MFG facilities have been impacted by confirmed COVID-19 cases or associated quarantine requirements.

We welcome collaboration with our business partners and stakeholders to share knowledge and best practices on illness prevention and business continuity. We will continue to monitor the situation and provide updates on our website at

Please feel free to reach out to your contact within MFG anytime if you have questions.

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