April 20, 2020

Re: FEMA Initiative to Provide Cloth Masks to Critical Infrastructure 

The Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) has initiated a campaign to distribute cloth face masks in response to the Centers for Disease Control’s (CDC) recommendation to wear cloth face coverings in public settings.

The administration has reached out to trade associations like SOCMA that represent sectors identified by the Department of Homeland Security as critical infrastructure to collect information and streamline this process.
We are sharing this information as part of our COVID-19 outreach for this voluntary government-managed program. Below you will find a compiled FAQ and a link to the sign-up form if you would like to participate.

FEMA Initiative to Provide Cloth Masks to Critical Infrastructure Frequently Asked Questions

1. How many masks are provided to each company?
The number of masks depends upon the number of employees in your company.

2. Can these masks be used for manufacturing when respirators or specific PPE is required?
The masks provided by FEMA are produced with an anti-microbial t-shirt type material that can be re-washed up to 15 times. The material is not flame-retardant or designed as qualified PPE. The masks are suitable for environments where social distancing may be difficult to practice.

3. How much will these masks cost my company?
FEMA has identified a manufacturer to produce cloth face masks and is providing them to organizations at no cost. Masks will be distributed directly from the manufacturer to the point of contact and address provided in the sign-up form.

4. Can I ship to multiple facilities?
FEMA will distribute masks directly from the manufacturer to the point of contact and address provided in the sign-up form and requests that companies internally manage multi-site distribution.

5. Why is SOCMA collecting this information?
SOCMA was asked by FEMA and DHS to coordinate and streamline the collection of member company information for this optional program. Submitting information to receive the FEMA cloth face masks is completely voluntary.

6. Who should I contact with any follow-up questions?
Should you have any additional questions, please reach out to Robert F. Helminiak, VP, Legal and Government Relations, to facilitate with DHS.

7. Update as of May 20, 2020
The request period closed on Thursday, April 23. FEMA is working to distribute additional masks to those that did not receive them from their requests. Additionally, DHS is working to develop State Points of Contact for companies to reach out to for PPE shortages and other challenges they are facing

By having completed the form, you agree to allow SOCMA to share your information with DHS and FEMA in order to distribute cloth masks to your identified facility.

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