June 01, 2018

Mid-Year ChemStewards® Reviews to be Submitted in June

Up-to-date scorecards and performance summaries will be provided to presidents of each ChemStewards® participating company in June. If you have obligations that need to be finalized, or if you would like to make an update before these reports are submitted, please contact ChemStewards.

All ChemStewards Coordinators will receive their reports via email before official notices are distributed.

Annual Performance Metrics due October 31 

All ChemStewards participating facilities must submit performance metrics by October 31. Guidance materials for metrics reporting can be found on our website.

ChemStewards Coordinators can access the online reporting portal here. If you experience difficulties logging in, please contact ChemStewards

Applications for 2018 Performance Improvement Awards will be Accepted Starting July 23

Don’t miss a great opportunity to showcase your company’s environmental, health, safety andsecurity (EHS&S) efforts by participating in our 2018 Performance Improvement Awards program. Performance Improvement Awards recognize manufacturing facilities’ commitment to continuous improvement and outstanding EHS&S performance.

Please submit all of your metrics to see if your company qualifies for the Gold Award as a Tier III facility. All applicants must be in good standing to receive an award. If you have questions about the status of your facility, or require assistance, please contact ChemStewards.
View all 2017 Performance Improvement Awards winners here.

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