April 9, 2024

Ross Gale
Vice President & Director of Acquisitions

IPP Purchases Henkel’s Lomazzo Italy Liquid Detergents Manufacturing Plant Site

Lomazzo, Italy – International Process Plants (IPP), a global leader in the acquisition and sale of industrial manufacturing plants and equipment is pleased to announce its acquisition of Henkel’s Lomazzo, Italy detergent manufacturing plant. This strategic acquisition represents a substantial advancement in IPP’s “Creating a Sustainable Lifecycle for Manufacturing Assets” initiative. IPP seeks buyers for the manufacturing assets while the land is slated for redevelopment.

Situated on an 10.7-acre parcel with 43,000 square meters of building area, approximately 30 kilometers away from downtown Milan and 15 kilometers from Lake Como, the Henkel Lomazzo plant offers picturesque views of the mountains and represents a promising opportunity for redevelopment as a mixed-use residential and commercial estate. With a rich history in detergent manufacturing, this site will now embark on a new journey under the stewardship of IPP.

“Our acquisition of the Henkel Lomazzo plant signifies our dedication to revitalizing communities that have been impacted by the shuttering of industrial manufacturing plants while also meeting the commercial needs of the seller,” said Ronald Gale, President of International Process Plants. “We are excited to transform this site into a vibrant mixed-use residential and commercial estate that will contribute positively to the local economy and community.”

As part of IPP’s commitment to sustainability, all equipment and machinery at the Lomazzo plant will be resold for reuse, ensuring minimal environmental impact and maximizing the lifecycle of manufacturing assets. Additionally, remaining materials will be recycled, with an estimated 98% of the materials on-site being repurposed.

“This project aligns perfectly with the partnership’s core values of environmental responsibility and sustainable redevelopment,” added Gale. “By repurposing existing assets and embracing eco-friendly practices, we are not only creating value for our customers but also contributing to a more sustainable future.”

For more information about the assets for sale, please visit our Lomazzo details site:

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