June 22, 2020

Buck Lawrimore
PR Representative, InChem
(704) 332-4344

ROCK HILL, S.C. – Jack Bostock has accepted the position as Chief Commercial Officer, leading the Chemvalon business which is part of the InChem Group, of Rock Hill, S.C. Bostock will also become part of the InChem operating committee.

Formed in 2015, Chemvalon is a boutique executive consulting business that involves providing service in a customized manner for current and future clients, focused in both the private equity community and specialty chemicals categories.

“The Chemvalon platform allows for business synergy and leverage with the current core business of InChem,” said Jon McCracken, InChem Chief Operating Officer. “This is a very innovative and unique value proposition.

“Combining the consulting expertise of Chemvalon with InChem’s core competencies of toll and contract manufacturing, supporting specialty chemical businesses allows for overall improved efficiencies,” McCracken added. “This creates tremendous value to our prospects and future customers.”

“Jack is a strong professional leader with a proven track record,” McCracken said. “He has expertise in market segmentation, new business commercialization, creating value internally and externally while providing focus that extends business performance and improves EBITA margins.”

Bostock began his career in research and development and has been engaged in the coatings and specialty chemicals markets for over 30 years in executive leaderships roles at both Valspar and RPM International, Inc.

He will work closely with the executive management team of the InChem group, specifically with its Chemvalon business model, determining innovative ways to combine InChem products and services as a clear market differentiator.

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