Get a Strong Start to Your Business Year at the Specialty & Custom Chemicals Show!
Gain Insight on Raw Material Supply, Meet with Customers and Establish New Business Leads

By Jack Drawdy, Vice President, Sales, Southern Chemical & Textiles

There’s so much going on in all of our businesses right now. We’ve had a tumultuous 2021 and continue to face things we’ve never experienced before. As I look ahead to 2022, there are several things I would like to tackle to help grow our business. SOCMA’s 2022 Specialty & Custom Chemicals Show, February 28-March 2, in Fort Worth, TX, will be one of the first stops me and my team will make in addressing these objectives.

Southern Chemical & Textiles’ Jack Drawdy, VP, Sales, looks forward to SOCMA’s Specialty & Custom Chemicals Show, Feb 28-Mar 2, 2022 in Fort Worth.

As Vice President of Sales for Southern Chemical & Textiles, I especially want to address some of the logistics challenges with raw materials availability and customer needs when it comes to packaging. There has been a shortage of drums throughout the pandemic, and one thing is for certain – without drums you can’t drive your business. At the Specialty & Custom Chemicals Show, we will be seeking information on companies that have constructive and creative ideas about handling all of these situations and gaining the latest insight on the outlook for our raw material supply in 2022.

As a member of SOCMA’s Trade Show Committee, I also am also excited about the educational component of the show, where our programming is providing tangible takeaways for your companies that focus on challenges like supply chain disruption, what’s taking place in China and critical market trends that drive our businesses.

I think we have all concluded that nothing replaces the face-to-face meetings for advancing your business with existing customers or meeting potential new business partners. I personally like getting to know people, what’s your dog’s name, what school did your kid choose, and you simply can’t replicate that type of personable interaction on a Zoom call.

In addition to getting back in front of my customers, I also look forward to a trade show season like we had prior to the pandemic. Last year, all the shows planned for the first half of the year were pushed back to the fall, and people had to pick and choose which shows to attend. This year’s Specialty & Custom Chemicals Show is a must-attend event!

I encourage everyone to review your schedules and fit this show into your calendar. It’s one of the first shows of 2022, offering you an opportunity to develop business prospects, meet in person with customers and establish your supply lines for the year ahead.

Kick off your business year strong and join me at the Specialty & Custom Chemicals Show. See you all in Fort Worth this February!

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