March 28, 2018

Getting the most out of your ChemStewards audit is a top priority, so we are working to ensure that open communication among all parties (auditors, coordinators, upper management and SOCMA staff) is well defined. Below are the first steps we are taking to continuously improve communication with stakeholders

– In the last few weeks, the Compliance & Stewardship team has reached out to several member facilities and personally assisted with: options to ensure compliance with OSHA PSM; corrective action to quickly close audit report and obtain rectification; and working with auditors to increase your comfort level with upcoming audits.

– Starting Q2, a ChemStewards representative will shadow an auditor as they perform an onsite audit and take notes of the process. This will help us determine key factors involved in an audit and identify areas in which we need to improve. All information gathered during this analysis will be discussed with the auditors. This will help us generate a more efficient audit process that will be beneficial to all parties involved.

– We are now encouraging auditors to join our discussion with member companies who are working on their ChemStewards certification. New and existing ChemStewards coordinators will have the opportunity to get insights from an auditor’s perspective and get advice for their upcoming audit. 

– We are also seeking feedback from auditors on how to revamp the program and help you showcase your safety programs.

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