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Company name Company description Booth
3V Tech Fully integrated supplier of process technology, equipment and systems for the chemical, pharmaceutical and environmental industry, including glass lining and refurbishing capabilities at our SC, USA facility. 115
Aaron Equipment Leading provider of new, used, & reconditioned process equipment and asset services for chemical, plastics, pharma, food, mining, and related industries. 209
Adesis Inc. Premier chemistry solution and CDMO, Adesis partners with biotech, pharma, electronics and specialty chemical industry clients to accelerate client research and manufacturing goals. Specializes in organic and organometallic synthesis–in milligrams to multi-kilogram quantities–and provides expertise in custom synthesis chemical manufacturing, R&D. 507
Admix, Inc Premier manufacturer of advanced mixing technologies, offering customized high-performance mixers for CPI. In-tank or inline systems, powder induction, dispersion, particle size reduction, low and high-shear. 710
Aether Industries Limited Leading contract manufacturer for the agro and specialty chemicals markets, focusing on cutting edge chemistry and technology in state-of-art CRAMS and large scale manufacturing facilities. 405
American Custom Drying American Custom Drying (ACD), a national leader in custom powder processing, provides effective spray drying and blending solutions to the food and technical industries. 1014
American International Container AIC AIC master distributor servicing the pharmaceutical, chemical, hygiene, cosmetics, flavors and fragrances, food, mineral oil, paints and coatings, semiconductor, storage and distribution, additive MFG and battery production industries. AIC is committed to servicing and delivering the highest quality products to meet or exceed your expectations. 519
AmeriWater AmeriWater’s High efficiency sand filters effectively remove extremely fine particles, as low as 1/4 micron, that cooling towers scrub from the air. More efficient filtration means cleaner heat transfer surfaces and reduced corrosion rates for improved energy savings and longer equipment life. AmeriWater offers a wide range of sizes. 516
Amindon Inc. Amindon enables specialty chemical industry clients to compete through new product innovations. Delivering cost-effective R&D through an experienced organization with a proven track-record of successful new product development.  Our client and toll manufacturing network is also available to support successful product introductions. 517
Anchin 213
Apeiron Synthesis S.A. Apeiron Synthesis mission is to fully realize the potential of olefin metathesis in synthetic chemistry, with efficient and cost-effective solutions for R&D and commercial manufacturing processes – solutions that can benefit a wide range of industries, including agrichemicals, fine chemicals, flavor and fragrances, polymers and Pharma/Biopharma. 906
Applied Catalysts 310
Aquaserv, Inc Aquaserv, Inc. provides industrial chemistries to various markets from our manufacturing facilities in Tennessee, Texas and Pennsylvania. These markets include oil and gas, pulp and paper, HI&I, building and construction, water treatment, and material preservation.  Additionally, Aquaserv provides tolling services for industrial partners. 916
Aropha, Inc 118
Arran Chemical Company Arran Chemical is an established manufacturer of fine chemicals for the pharmaceutical, flavour/fragrance and cosmetics industries. Arran partners with its clients in the application of industrial biocatalysis in a production environment to reduce waste, fulfill green chemistry obligations and build long-term supply chain relationships with its clients. 928
Ascensus Specialties Our chemistries improve the way our clients create their products by making what they do easier, more efficient, safer and more selective. Ascensus is uniquely positioned to meet the growing, global demand for high-quality Sodium Borohydride, reactive and alkali metals, boranes, CVD & ALD precursors, and other specialty chemicals. 603
Ascent Chemicals An elite company that solves complex problems for our customers through specialty chemical manufacturing. Formerly operating at Synalloy Chemicals, DanChem, CRI Tolling, and Manufacturers Chemicals, we are now one trusted chemical solution provider for all your manufacturing needs. 1017
ASTEC Heatec is now ASTEC. ASTEC manufactures thermal fluid heaters, water bath heaters, thermal oxidizers, WHRU’s, pump skid systems, storage tanks, mix tanks, steam generators, etc. And we back our equipment with world class support and service. 912
AVEKA Contract manufacturing and research & development company specializing in particle processing solutions from lab to full-scale, including drying, milling, screening, blending and particle characterization. 315
AVN Corporation CRO with newly added manufacturing capabilities experienced in process development and scale-up for clients in the chemical, energy, environmental, or green technology industries who need a faster route to a market-ready process or product. 606
BCS BCS manufactures a range of process aids, preservation treatments, and water management chemicals. First-rate production capabilities, technical experience, and an unparalleled level of support and service make BCS a valuable partner to a diverse market portfolio. Product offerings: polymers, EPA-registered biocides, and custom/tolled chemicals. 615
Biddle Sawyer Corporation New York City-based, trusted chemical distributor delivering high-quality, low-cost products to global customers in Life Sciences, Performance Chemicals, Colors and Custom Manufacturing. 316
Blue Grass Chemical | World Metal A recognized leader in manufacturing metal salts, we specialize in aqueous inorganic metal salt solutions and precipitated products along with performing extensive toll manufacturing. 410
Boulder Scientific Company Internationally recognized chemical manufacturer, specializing in organometallics and other specialty chemicals used in a wide range of applications, including petrochemicals, electronics, aerospace, pharmaceuticals and agriculture. 216
B&P Littleford B&P Littleford manufactures equipment and provides processing technologies in the areas of mixing, drying, reacting, sterilizing, extracting, and separation. Our custom technologies are provided to a wide array of industries and markets. We offer rental equipment, as well as full-service testing and pilot production at our MI-based testing center. 109
Brandywine Label Printing At Brandywine Label Printing, we support our client’s safety compliance labeling processes by integrating print-on-demand solutions that simplify their operations. We help you achieve your goals by seamlessly integrating on-demand print solutions into your operations which reduce label inventory, material waste, and shorten supply chain lead-times. 205
Brawn Mixer Brawn Mixer liquid mixing systems are engineered to the specific processing requirements of each mixing application. Custom mixing systems, including tanks, controls packages, and integrated units are also available, along with supervision for install, startup, and commissioning. Visit our website to learn more: brawnmixer.com. 1024
Brenntag North America Brenntag is your one stop shop for end-to-end supply chain solutions such as: custom blending, filling, repackaging and transportation for liquid and powder products all in one place.
Buckeye Fabricating Company Industry leader for high-quality engineering and production of custom fabricated ASME pressure vessels, process tanks, and reactors. 113
Butterworth Inc – Houston, TX Butterworth manufactures portable tank cleaning equipment for sale and rental. Also offered are accessories and hose to meet all tank cleaning needs. 412
Capital Resin Corporation Specialty, custom, and toll manufacturer of industrial resins, catalysts, intermediates, and additives for agriculture, coatings, adhesives, and other industrial chemical markets. 1022
Centauri Technologies LLC A technology driven specialty chemical company who is a committed, reliable manufacturing partner with unique chemical reaction capability in both fixed-bed and agitated reaction systems. 502
CG Thermal Delivering process technology solutions for harsh and corrosive process streams. Services range from providing customer specific process equipment to consulting and turn-key engineered solutions. 1026
ChemDesign Dedicated to the highest standards in specialty, custom, and toll chemical manufacturing for agrochemicals, consumer, energy, plastics, and other industrial chemical markets 203
Chemical Search International Ltd Chemical Search International focuses exclusively on executive search services for the global chemical industry and related sectors; materials, green energy,  & the bioeconomy. Our consultants are based in Europe, the Americas & Asia and are highly experienced sector professionals, as such, we understand the industry & deliver better talent, faster 406
Chemicals Incorporated Provider of custom manufacturing, R&D and Pilot Plant services for Process Development and Scale-up, featuring multistep synthesis and in-house construction of processing units. 712
ChemOrganics Process development and custom manufacturing services for specialty and fine chemicals, personal care products, pharmaceutical intermediates, and electronic chemicals. 705
Chemwatch America, LLC 509
Chevron Oronite Chevron Oronite Chemicals is a leading global supplier of innovative and reliable specialty chemicals including: detergents, dispersants, PIB, PIBSA, alkyphenol, phenate, sulfonate, pentamer and tetramer. 303
CJB Industries Supplier of chemical manufacturing for agro and industrial market customers, including toll and contract formulation, processing, filling and packaging of liquid and solid products. 218
Clariant Clariant Catalysts is a global manufacturer of energy-efficient catalyst technologies. Through our exceptional R&D and 50+ years’ experience in custom catalysts manufacturing, our broad portfolio provides solutions designed to increase production throughput, lower energy consumption, and reduce hazardous emissions from industrial processes. 718
Compass Instruments Inc 611
Complex Chemical Co, Inc. Providing a family-owned, service & quality culture since 1974, we offer toll & custom processing services, distillation and multiple reaction capabilities, specializing in amides & imidazulene compounds. 704
Complex Quimica Custom chemical manufacturer founded in 1958 with two manufacturing sites in Monterrey, Mexico serving industries such as oilfield, petrochemical, agriculture, mining, rubber, among others. 511
Custom Chemical Services, LLC Leading Houston-based distributor of specialty oilfield chemicals, specializing in liquid blending, contract labeling & packaging, export container services, and international shipping. 107
Custom Processing Services Elevate your journey with Custom Processing Services! We turn materials into triumphs, from jaw-dropping crushing to micronizing magic. Beyond processing, we’re your partners in progress, processing opportunities, innovation, and success. Join us for a thrilling ride to a future filled with innovation, and unmatched excellence! 211
Datacor, Inc. Trusted business management software solutions provider since 1981 among chemical manufacturers, with extensive chemical industry expertise in ERP and CRM solutions for all aspects of your business. 510
Deepwater Chemicals, Inc. Offering a wide portfolio of iodines, iodides and iodates since 1931, with the ability to scale production volumes from lab, to pilot plant, to commercial. 618
ekato corporation Your Partner for Advanced Mixing Technology. Whether an agitator, reactor model or complete process plant is required, the EKATO standard has been at the highest level for decades. State-of-the-art technologies and high quality long service life. 102
Elan Technology Largest US independent toll spray drying company, small volume – large-scale, range of storage, mixing, packaging & atomization options.  Small & large volume toll calcining up to 1000 C. 504
EMCO Chemical Packaging America’s premier contract blending and packaging provider, specializing in the filling of liquids with a focus on flammable and corrosive products including isocyanates and solvents. 1002
Entegris Specialty Chemicals Over 75 years of expertise in custom and specialty chemicals, including polymer catalysts, organo-metallics, arcrylates/methacrylates for coatings, silanes/siloxanes and complex organic synthesis capability. 715
Ethox Chemicals, LLC Specialty chemical products and custom manufacturing for the agrochemical, coatings, cosmetic, lubricant, oilfield, paper, polymers, textile, water treatment, and related markets. 1025
Exsif One of the world’s largest, and most trusted ISO tank leasing companies for tank container solutions. EXSIF provides reliable and sustainable equipment combined with best-in-class services that enable the global movement of products essential to everyday life. Leverage our 20+ years of experience and expertise serving the tank container industry. 708
FAR Chemical Founded in 1983 with headquarters in Palm Bay, Florida, FAR Chemical is a leading manufacturer of fine and specialty organic chemicals serving many industries including pharmaceutical, advanced materials, food and adhesives. 602
Federal Equipment Company Provider of quality used equipment, outstanding service, and competitive prices, serving the processing equipment and other manufacturing industries 105
FutureFuel Chemical Company World-class supplier of custom manufacturing, performance chemicals, and bio-fuels for the agrochemical, industrial, consumer, specialty chemical, and bio-products markets. 719
GEA North America GEA’s high-performance process systems and extensive application know-how provide our customers with a competitive advantage that results from production at higher rates and at tighter specifications, together with reduced costs and improved efficiency. Our plants all comply with the complex safety requirements of the chemicals industry. 613
Genesis Custom Chemical Blending Genesis provides responsive, full-service toll processing and blending capabilities for companies nationwide. Our proven processes, expert team, and specialized equipment allow us to produce your custom chemical formulas quickly and affordably. Whether in small or large batches, we offer full production, warehousing, packaging, & delivery services. 1018
GfM-Company for Milling and Micronization INC As a contract manufacturer for more than 35 years, we deliver cGMP micronization and milling services to clients worldwide. We micronize products for the pharmaceutical and chemical industry, from process development, to scale-up and validation. Cyrogenic milling, fractionated sieving, blending and PSD analysis are also part of our services. 308
GFS Chemicals ISO 9001:2008 certified US manufacturer of specialty organics, high purity inorganics and analytical reagents, serving customers worldwide from R&D through scale up and full scale production since 1928. 702
Halliburton Halliburton provides chemical manufacturers and industrial customers with reaction manufacturing and tolling capabilities. Halliburton processes customizable flammable blends and complex, multi-step reactions, including ethylene and propylene oxide chemistries. 215
Haviland Products Company Haviland Products Company (HPC) is a leading contract manufacturer and packager of liquid and dry chemical products, serving a wide range of industries including retail, agriculture, and marine.  HPC is 100% employee-owned supplying commodity chemistry to customers since 1934. 414
Heinkel Filtering Systems Inc The Heinkel Group is a manufacturer of many different types of industrial process equipment for the Chemical & Fine Chemical industries that includes various types of Centrifuges, Vacuum Dryers, and Mixers. Our brands include Bolz/Comber/Heinkel/Jongia. We have a full Test Center located in Swedesboro, NJ. 304
Houston PolyTank LLC Houston PolyTank is a custom manufacturer of cylindrical and rectangular polypropylene tanks to withstand the most challenging chemicals for reactors and storage applications. 619
Hoyer Global (USA), Inc. Provider of a diverse fleet of rental containers, including DOT, ASME, IMDG, and U-Stamp stainless totes, IBCs, Portable Pressure Vessels, ISOs, & Flexibags for various specialty chemicals, coatings, gas and all industries with liquid products. 508
Indo Amines America LLC IAALLC  is a fully owned subsidiary of IAL.  we are largest manufacturers of Fine, Specialty and Performance chemicals. Our products have applications in Pharmaceuticals, Road Construction, Petrochemicals, Agro chemicals, Fertilizers, Pesticides, Dyes & Pigments, Home & Personal care, Polymers etc. we also have our warehouse in Houston & NJ. 1016
Iofina Chemical Technology-based manufacturer of iodine, chlorine, and fluorine-based products for use in agriculture, cleaning, coatings, pharmaceuticals, electronics, and other specialty chemical uses. 1028
IPCO US IPCO is an Industrial Process solution group with 35+ sales & service offices globally, production in Asia, Europe and North America. We develop customized solutions for the process industry and we are dedicated to provide productivity in the processing of more than 1200 products: sulphur, chemical, fertilizer, chocolate, and food industries. 1062
IPP –  International Process Plants and Equipment Global provider of used process plants and equipment, serving the chemical, petrochemical, pharmaceutical, refining, paper, plastic, power generation, and other industrial industries. 505
Ivanhoe Industries Leading manufacturer of antifoams, emulsifiers, esters, and other process aids for many industrial applications, with expertise in food processing, fermentation, waste water, and metal working. 319
Iwaki America Manufacturer of fluid handling systems and solutions, including non-metallic magnetic drive centrifugal pumps, air operated double diaphragm pumps, plus high purity and chemical metering pumps. 212
JohnPac Manufacturing Manufacturer of woven polypropylene small bags and bulk bags to your specifications, offering all the industrial packaging options needed for domestic and global customers. 604
J. Rettenmaier USA LP. The JRS Group is the global leader in cellulose filter aids and cellulose adsorbents. Cellulose based aids are suitable as efficient, economical and environmentally-friendly alternatives to diatomaceous earth, perlite and silica gel-based products. 506
JULABO USA Whether it’s crude oil/surfactant analysis, gas testing, rocker tests, photometry, x-ray analysis, or other processes, the chemical industry relies on JULABO’s temperature control products. JULABO’s heaters, baths, and chillers provide extremely precise temperature control to ± of 0.01°C and a working temperature range from -95°C to +350°C. 707
Key International Inc. Manufacturer and distributor of CORA Ultra-Sanitary Butterfly Valves, dosing valves, delumpers, and accessories to control the flow of chemical, pharmaceutical, and food grade dry bulk materials. 711
Kingchem Life Science American owned and operated, Kingchem offers wide ranging chemical capabilities to the Specialty Chemical, Pharmaceutical, and Agrochemical industries. Kingchem specializes in custom manufacturing including fluorination at our plant in Fuxin, China. Our cGMP facility in Wisconsin, USA is focused on API, intermediate, and RSM manufacturing. 317
Koster Keunen, Inc Provider of custom chemical contract and toll manufacturing services, including custom blending, reaction chemistry, and anhydrous liquid to solid manufacturing into flakes, pastilles, slabs, granules and bulk liquids. 419
Kuraray America, Inc Kuraray is a specialty chemicals manufacturer. We are going to show case MTHP solvent which is an innovative and versatile reaction solvent. MTHP is applicable to Grignard reaction, organometallic reaction, dehydration reaction , and more as a replacement of THF and so on. 920
LBB Specialties LBB Specialties services various Industrial Specialties markets, including CASE (coatings, adhesives, sealants, and elastomers), flavor and fragrance, metal treatment, oil field, plastics, water treatment, and more. Whether you are sourcing corrosion inhibitors, hydrazine, or antioxidants, our commercial team has the market expertise 407
LCI Corporation LCI is a leader in evaporation & granulation technology. Our thin/wiped film & short path evaporators, thin film dryers, & high viscosity processors are ideal for chemicals, specialty polymers, & additives. LCI also offers powder handling & processing applications including feeding, extrusion, spheronization, pelleting, & continuous wet mixing.
Lechler Lechler is a world-leading precision spray nozzle and engineering company. In the specialty chemical industry, our products ensure efficient cleaning of storage tanks, totes, and reactors while using minimal water or solvent. This results in lower disposal costs of waste liquids and heating while improving cycle times between cleanings. 908
Lescacho, Inc. Global provider of logistics solutions to the chemical industry, with experience handling hazardous goods, plus expertise with the multitude of national and international safety and environmental regulations. 1004
Louisiana Chemical Equipment Co. North America’s premier buyer and seller of used process equipment & complete plants for relocation throughout the world, plus appraisal and other services. 311
MBA Energy & Industrial, LLC Extensive experience in Design-Build Construction; from large Industrial Steel Structures, Manufacturing and Process Buildings, Bulk-Storage Facilities, Pre-Engineered Metal Buildings, even the toughest Operations and Maintenance (O&M) buildings, in the most remote locations across the U.S. 608
McGean Privately-held leading supplier of specialty chemicals and batch custom manufacturing, serving the surface finishing, oil, adhesives, plastics, personal care, and other markets. 1021
MFG Chemical Founded in 1980 and headquartered in Dalton, GA, MFG Chemical is a leading specialty chemical and custom contract manufacturer of complex chemistries serving a wide range of chemical companies that participate in a diverse set of end markets. 309
Milliken & Company From industry-leading molecules to sustainable innovations, Milliken & Company is a global manufacturing leader that creates products for improved performance and productivity across various industries. Featured solutions include innovative and custom specialty chemical additives and functionality-modified silicones and silanes. 703
Monument Chemical Family-owned company with chemical production facilities in the US and Europe, offering custom manufacturing services and a line of specialty products and specialty fuels. 515
Mott Corporation 612
MXD Process Comprehensive manufacturer and supplier of innovative industrial process equipment for coatings, paints, chemicals, sealants, and adhesives including mixers, stainless steel tanks, controls, and systems. 305
Myers Industries | Elkhart Plastics The preferred partner for UN/DOT certified reusable asset IBCs for use in agriculture, chemical, and a variety of other applications. Returnable all-poly totes are a more durable and sustainable solution to traditional limited-use containers creating cost savings and less waste. The company also offers custom engineered plastic solutions. 306
NASi North American chemical manufacturing leader in potassium and ammonium based chemistries, custom manufacturer of acid-base reactions and blends, and supplier of global imports serving the industrial, energy, agricultural, and de-icing markets. 1020
Nation Ford Chemical For over 45 years, Nation Ford Chemical has been one of America’s most respected custom and toll manufacturers of specialty organic chemicals.  The company specializes in the production of a variety of organic intermediates, polymers and colorants.  We are also North America’s leading distributor of aniline and 1-naphthol. 202
Net at Work Premier ERP and business management solutions consultant specializing in the chemical industry, offering process-specific advanced manufacturing, distribution, warehousing, CRM & other products. 932
oakwood chemical Chemical Manufacturer and supplier. 200,000 chemical database, 40,000 compounds in stock, 150,000 containers ready to ship from our Estill, South Carolina Facility. 413
Optima Chemical Group Provider of specialty chemical, custom, and toll manufacturing services for a wide range of industrial and consumer markets, with unique organometallic chemistry capabilities. 402
ORG CHEM Group We provide custom toll distillation services in market segments that include petrochemicals, industrial chemistries such as heat transfer fluids, glycols, amines and polymeric materials.  We specialize in customer based projects and with extensive lab capabilities, we find chemical reclamation solutions. 210
Ortec, Inc Leading polymer technology, medical material, and custom chemical synthesis manufacturer, offering innovative and timely solutions from small scale to full product commercialization. 605
Ovasco 518
Paul O Abbe For over 100 years, Paul O. Abbe has custom designed and manufactured Ball Mills, Ribbon Blenders and Rota-Cone Vacuum Dryers for virtually every process industry. 207
Pennakem Pennakem develops and manufactures a line of fine and specialty chemicals for a wide range of industries including the pharmaceutical, agricultural, and petrochemical markets. 206
Perry Videx Offering one of the world’s most extensive inventories of used process equipment, serving the chemical, pharmaceutical, food, plastics, pulp and paper industries. 417
Peter Cremer NA We meet our customers’ needs by providing efficient, dependable, and flexible contract manufacturing, oleochemical sourcing and chemical services. Let our team of industry experts assist you with your oleochemical sourcing, manufacturing, processing, packaging, storage and delivery needs. 117
Piedmont Chemical Industries Family owned chemical manufacturer focused on developing and manufacturing high quality textile and specialty chemicals with five production sites, providing innovative solutions for 80 years. 1006
Polyrheo Inc Leading the industry in manufacturing and development of products, standard or custom. A global supplier of the highest quality esters, oils and solvents in a wide array of industries and applications. Specializing in 100% bio-based products for a wide array of industries including, Metalworking, Hydraulics, Plastics, Textiles and pharmaceuticals. 1010
Polysciences Inc.  Polysciences has been a manufacturer of specialty chemicals for more than 60 years and offers a broad range of products and tailored solutions, in addition to custom synthesis and contract manufacturing services for the life sciences, bioprocessing, microparticles, medical device, specialty chemical and electronic chemical industries. 302
Polystar Containment Polystar offers unique spill containment products and solutions and specialize in secondary containment systems for rail tankers, truck tankers and above-ground tanks that store hazardous materials. 513
Powder Processing & Technology PPT provides process development and custom powder processing services for the leaders in ceramics & inorganic materials technology, from the laboratory to commercialization. 214
Powell Fabrication & Manufacturing Powell has provided custom-engineered chemical production and processing equipment to clients worldwide since 1964.Modular, skid-mounted systems that ship fully assembled, programmed, and tested. Powell offers 24/7 live technical support, specialized on-site services, and upgrades. 913
POWER Engineers Complex systems, stringent regulations, tightly controlled conditions—building a manufacturing plant and keeping it running at its best takes dedication, ingenuity and experience. Our experts have built their careers serving the food and beverage industry. 610
Premier Factory Safety, LLC Provides Safety and Risk Management Visually Engineered Signage Solutions. Includes but not limited to  Lockout Tagout, Arc Flash, PPE, Evacuation.We survey, design, print, produce visually engineered, machine specific procedures, and signage.  **Allowing for company wide/world wide standardization/Every Plant/ Every Facility Identical** 926
Pressure Chemical Specialty chemical manufacturer providing process development, piloting, custom and toll chemical manufacturing services. Typical volumes are kilograms to 10’s of MT.Expertise in high pressure chemistry (up to ~4500psi/310bar), polymerization, alkoxylation, solids handling and more supporting development, custom manufacturing, and niche products. 204
Procedyne Procedyne is a fluidized bed technology, equipment and services company.  Design/manufacture of  fluidized bed reactors, calciners, dryers, etc. for thermal processing of powder/granular materials.  Toll processing of materials in in-house fluidized/fixed bed reactors.  Test work and development services in small-scale fluidized bed reactors. 415
ProChem, Inc ProChem Inc. produces a variety of industries with high purity rare earth, inorganic and metal organic compounds. We provide a stable long-term source for Critical Chemicals, manufacturing to the highest purity standards and ensuring supply chains are robust. We pride ourselves on delivering customers satisfaction through innovative solutions. 103
PROS PROS is the best-kept secret for profitable growth in the chemicals industry. Viewed as the only independent software solution to be named a Leader in CPQ by Forrester and a Leader in the Enterprise Grid® Report for Pricing by G2, PROS advanced AI delivers results to the world’s top chemical companies including BASF, Perstorp, Hempel and more. 717
ProSys Containment & Sampling Technology ProSys is a leading manufacturer of Sampling Equipment to the pharma and chemical process industry, providing both standard and bespoke solutions worldwide. We specialize in providing PFA Lined solutions for corrosive processes as well as containment solutions for operator protection. 922
Reliance Label Solutions Leader in value-engineered solutions for harsh environment container labeling, providing the industrial and petrochemical markets with film label substrates, adhesives and topcoats for every application. 609
Rierden Chemical & Trading Company 418
Rockwell Automation Inc 404
Rousselet-Robatel Chemical separation and recovery solutions from kilograms to metric tons, including peeler and vertical axis centrifuges, liquid-liquid/solvent extractors, and centrifugal partition chromatography systems for multiple industries. 416
Royal Chemical Contract manufacturer and toll blender offering extensive liquid and dry manufacturing capabilities, serving a range of chemical industries, including Agro, I&I, and Oil & Gas. 512
SACHEM Inc. 1000
Safety Storage, Inc The industry leader in prefabricated and custom hazardous material storage and containment systems. We provide 100% customizable, prefabricated chemical storage containers for government, municipal, and manufacturing related needs. We guarantee our hazmat containers will meet all environmental and safety regulations. 1063
Santolubes Manufacturing Experienced provider of custom manufacturing services, with capabilities including high temperature, high vacuum, pressure reactions, distillations, and spray drying. 713
SCHWING Technologies SCHWING Technologies is the expert in fluidized bed reactor technology, delivering engineering and equipment solutions for thermochemical processing and heat treatment of powders and granules. 706
Seatex LLC Industry leader with over 50 years of experience providing technology focused custom chemical manufacturing solutions.  Seatex provides broad capabilities with core competencies in synthesis and liquid and powder blending, formulation, and packaging for the Specialty Chemical, Agriculture, Energy and Mining, and Cleaning markets. 208
Sefar Inc Leading provider of technical woven filtration solutions for process industries, including belt filters, filter presses, disc filters, segment filers and more for chemical applications. 403
SGS North America Inc. Offering a range of quality, safety, sustainability, social and security services to the chemical industry. Working across all your compliance needs to build a customized solution. 100
Shree Ganesh Remedies Limited (SGRL) SGRL is a manufacturer of Specialty & Fine Chemicals and Pharmaceutical Intermediates. Owing to its expertise in organic chemistry incl. reactions like Chlorination, High-Pressure Reaction, Carbon-Carbon Coupling, and Grignard Reaction, its caters to various sectors like Polymers, Aroma, Agrochemicals, and Electronics Industries. 408
Sinocompound Sinocompound is a global provider of organometallic compounds and ligands for a range of applications, such as fine chemicals, electronics, and petrochemicals. Our expertise range from R&D all the way through to scale-up and commercial manufacturing. Our R&D Center measures over 10,000sqm and our two manufacturing plants cover an area of 98,000sqm. 617
Sinova Specialties Inc Global supplier of specialty chemicals and chemical intermediates.  Serving the agricultural, catalytic, energy, and performance chemical markets through custom synthesis and R&D. 930
Snyder Industries Snyder Industries is a recognized world leader in the design and manufacturing of highly engineered products for a diverse and growing range of applications, including storage and transportation containers for chemicals, and variety of specialty products utilized in everything from agricultural and mining operations to specialty chemicals. 110
Soneas Chemicals SONEAS Chemicals Ltd (Uquifa Group member) is a leading European CRO/CDMO with a track record of ensuring that we understand our customer needs in order to satisfy their expectations.SONEAS Chemicals Ltd is a chemical service provider with a pragmatic approach to innovation. We are a leading European CRO/CDMO with a track record. 314
South Coast Terminals 709
Southern Heat Exchanger SHECO has been designing and building heat exchangers since 1961, with manufacturing locations in Tuscaloosa, Houston, and Tulsa. Whether your needs include high-alloy metallurgy and detailed specifications or if you are after rapid production with a dependable design, SHECO has the experience to deliver quality products when you need it. 1001
Speciality Chemicals Magazine Launched over 40 years ago, Speciality Chemicals Magazine is the leading technical and business publication dedicated to the fine, custom, agro, pharma and specialty chemical industries. 1065
Specialty & Agro Chemicals America The Specialty & Agro Chemicals America event is a forum that promotes chemical manufacturing, chemical technologies, and related chemical industry services that have specific applications for the agrochemical and specialty chemical markets. 1066
SPRX Technologies, Inc 1064
State Contract Manufacturing Specialty chemical contract manufacturer with expertise in chemical blending, pilot batching, and dry powder blending in large and small production runs, plus primary and secondary packaging services. 1012
Sulzer 120
Superior Industrial Solutions, Inc. Leading full-service chemicals and composites distributor, manufacturer, and services provider in North America, offering value-added solutions that improve processes, maintain compliance, and save you money. 1009
Tate Metalworks, Inc. Tate Metalworks is a leader in the construction and fabrication of large API 650 API 620 storage tanks, ASME pressure vessels and reactors as well as steel plate products. 111
Texas Molecular VLS is a leader in sustainability solutions,  providing industry-leading services. The company provides customized waste processing solutions for hazardous and non-hazardous, and commercial waste, including landfill diversion and sustainability programs, solidification of liquid waste, recycling, wastewater treatment, and waste sequestration. 411
Texmark Family owned and operated chemical company offering contract processing, both distillation and reaction chemistries. 918
The Whitaker Company Whitaker is a family-owned fourth-generation chemical and composite materials distributor, blender and packager that started in 1928 with a single gas pump and a mission to provide motor fuels and oils to independent retailers & service stations. We have evolved from a small, local operation to a regional company in the Southeast serving thousands. 217
Third Coast Global network of affiliated companies providing contract manufacturing, terminal services, and sales and marketing solutions to the chemical industry. 318
Thomas Swan & Co. Ltd. Independent UK and soon US manufacturer of performance/specialty chemicals. Global presence utilizing broad range of GLMS, hastelloy and SS equipment. Polymerization expertise. 307
TMCAqua LLC TMCAqua is a patented, energy-water sustainability technology that recovers clean water and energy from gas fired combustion exhaust stacks, improving system efficiency and reducing its energy, water and carbon footprint. TMCAqua recovers low grade energy and is complementary to boilers that already have high and/or low temperature economizers. 514
Toll Solutions, LLC Specializing in toll and custom dispersion, emulsion, reactions, and blending services, with modern facilities adaptable for a wide range of chemical and industrial processing needs. 503
TRCC Specialty & Custom Chemicals Dalton, GA & Greenville, SC-based specialty chemical manufacturer offering top-quality additives for the custom manufacturing, water treatment, oil & gas, and other industrial markets. 313
Trecora Manufacturer of specialty wax and polymer products, plus tolling services including synthesis, distillation, forming, and packaging for the specialty & industrial chemical markets. 119
Univar Solutions Univar Solutions is a global partner to our customers and suppliers for the value-added distribution of chemistry and related products and services. We are a committed ally, with the capabilities and know-how to help their business run smoothly, and the expertise to help them anticipate, navigate and leverage meaningful growth opportunities. 614
US Grinding Technologies U.S. Grinding Technologies (GRINDTECH), based in Texas, offers a superior solution for companies seeking a knowledgeable manufacturing partner in dry material handling. Our grinding, blending, and packaging facility for dry goods, located in Texas, is strategically engineered to meet specific needs. 312
Valdera Valdera is a digital sourcing platform for chemicals and raw materials. Our best-in-class market intelligence empowers manufacturers to diversify supply risk, combat inflation, and drive sustainability. The platform leverages data science and ML to automate supplier discovery, qualification, and engagement. 714
Voovio Voovio’s platform solves knowledge capture and transfer challenges, makes onboarding faster and more effective, and reduces unplanned downtime for equipment specific operations. Deployed by the world’s biggest chemical, refining and other manufacturers. 616
WAB GROUP WAB-GROUP® is a leading specialist in DYNO®MILL wet bead milling (grinding) technology, 3D Turbula® mixing technology and flow chemistry. For global customers in the fields of chemical nanoparticles processing, WAB-GROUP® is the most innovative and reliable partner.Contact Daniel Grskovic, President mobile # 862-621-5902or d.grskovic@wab-group.co 219
Weylchem US, Inc Custom and fine chemical manufacturer of building blocks, intermediates, and actives for the agro, pharma, polymer, personal care and specialties markets. 607
Wiley Companies Wiley Companies is a family of chemists, engineers, technicians, and creatives who work together to custom manufacture chemicals and food ingredients. Wiley’s skilled staff of about 200 employees is dedicated to guiding processes from the laboratory bench through full-scale plant construction and GMP quality production. 716

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