September 28, 2020

Greg Gibson
President, Manufacturers Chemicals
(423) 303-3773

Manufacturers Chemicals Reaches Two Million Man Hours
Without Lost-Time Incident

Cleveland, TN – With a tremendous emphasis on the safety of its employees and community, Manufacturers Chemicals, LLC is pleased to announce it has reached two million man hours without a lost-time incident as classified by the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA).  

“Celebrating two million man hours of zero lost-time incidents is a huge milestone,” said Manufacturers Chemicals President Greg Gibson. “To put that into perspective, an individual would have to work close to 1,000 years without an accident to achieve such a record. This achievement truly highlights our culture of safety and our committed team members.”

Employees attribute the company’s safety culture as key to reaching this goal. “I think the family atmosphere provides extra incentive to look out for each other and make sure other family members are working safe,” said Donald Cheatham, Manufacturers Chemicals Operations Director. “I also believe our extremely low turnover rate correlates to a more experienced staff who knows the ins and outs of the equipment and facility and how to use it safely.”

Manufacturers Chemicals team at their facility in Cleveland, TN

For Manufacturers Chemicals Group, safety is a unifying and driving characteristic. It is an essential part of the company’s operations. “With the business’ inherent safety risks and today’s strict regulations, it is important for us to continuously improve our safety program in order to protect our employees and customers,” said Danilo Fernandes, Synalloy Chemicals Environmental, Health and Safety Manager.

As a foundational core value, safety is integrated into every process and procedure, including creating the close-knit, family atmosphere where open communication is encouraged. “Safety is always at the forefront and is an integral part of our day-to-day operations,” Fernandes said. “We have been successful in establishing a work environment where everyone is encouraged to speak up when safety concerns arise by emphasizing how adherence to safety measures directly or indirectly benefit everyone.”

The value Manufacturers Chemicals places on safety is practiced throughout the organization, Gibson said. “Our success and longevity at Manufacturers Chemicals is all about our people and the family environment they find within our facility. Safety quickly escalates to a core value when you view every employee as a part of your family.”

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