November 10, 2022

Amanda Sylvain
Quality & Procedure Manager
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Matthew Roberts named Senior R&D Metalworking with Advanced Chemical Concepts, Inc.

Matthew Roberts joins Advanced Chemical Concepts as Senior R&D Metalworking.

Kentwood, MIAdvanced Chemical Concepts, Inc. is pleased to announce Matthew Roberts has joined their Technical Department as Senior R&D Metalworking. Matthew has over 23 years of experience in chemical formulation and the manufacturing industry. He has worked with customers in various industries such as automotive, aerospace, agriculture, and defense. He has a varied expertise in the formulation of products to meet the customer’s needs and is tireless in his efforts to dynamic change through innovation.

Matthew has held numerous positions in the metalworking fluid manufacturing industry, including Laboratory Manager, Technical Service Manager, and Head of R&D, along with other senior management positions. His work on production optimization has improved manufacturing output by 40% over a period of 3 years. He is also certified as a Quality and Environmental Lead Auditor.

Matthew brings experience, passion, and a “never quit” attitude to every project, making him a valued asset to the ACC Team.

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