September 2, 2020

Dave Cook
Volunteer Pastilles, LLC
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President Trump Visits Volunteer Pastilles Lake Charles, LA Facility

Lake Charles, LA — President Trump visited Volunteer Pastilles, LLC Lake Charles plant on Saturday, August 29, while he was in Lake Charles assessing the damage from Hurricane Laura.

Volunteer Pastilles, LLC warehouse space is being utilized to help with the hurricane relief efforts by local organizations. The Church of the King of Lake Charles, The Cajun Navy, and The United Way of Southwest Louisiana are all working together to help those in need by making available bottled water, generators, food, and other supplies. Volunteers are working to distribute the supplies to residents.

President Trump was in Lake Charles to assess the damage from Hurricane Laura over the weekend. As part of his tour of the area, he came by Volunteer Pastilles, LLC to observe the relief effort taking place. Steve Cook, owner of Volunteer Pastilles, LLC facilitated the meeting.

View video capturing footage of President Trump’s visit to the facility here, as seen on Fox News.

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