April 2, 2024

Nate Bell
Sr. Manager, Member Communications & Programs

SOCMA Applauds Introduction of Congressional Review Act Resolution to Overturn EPA’s Proposed RMP Rule

Arlington, VA – The Society of Chemical Manufacturers and Affiliates (SOCMA) commends Congressman Dan Crenshaw (R-TX-02) for his proactive stance in introducing the Congressional Review Act Resolution aimed at overturning the Environmental Protection Agency’s (EPA) Proposed Risk Management Program (RMP) Rule.

“As an organization representing the specialty chemical manufacturing sector, SOCMA recognizes the critical importance of safety regulations whether they be focused on local communities or employees, but this regulation creates more regulatory red tape instead of focusing on the prevention of accidental releases,” said Robert F. Helminiak, Vice President of Legal and Government Relations. “Congressman Crenshaw’s resolution reflects a commitment to ensuring that regulatory measures are grounded in sound science, practicality, and effectiveness.”

The proposed RMP Rule has raised concerns within the chemical manufacturing industry regarding its potential to stifle innovation, burden businesses with excessive regulatory requirements, and impede economic growth with little to no measurable prevention of accidental releases. Despite significant advocacy efforts, EPA has included and expanded several problematic provisions: Safer Technology and Alternative Analysis, Information Disclosure Requirements, and Third-Party Audits. SOCMA stands ready to support Congressman Crenshaw’s efforts to advance this resolution through Congress and encourages bipartisan collaboration to address the concerns raised by the RMP Rule.

About SOCMA:
SOCMA is an association dedicated to the specialty and fine chemical industry. It builds commercial connections, supports safe manufacturing and operations, and advocates for regulatory and legislative policies for the batch and specialty chemical sector. For more information, visit

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