June 17, 2020

Jenny Gaines
Senior Director, Communications & Engagement
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SOCMA Delivers On-Demand Training for Chemical Operators
Build and Refresh Foundational Knowledge and Skills with Interactive Micro-learning

ARLINGTON, VA – Since launching in January, 15 companies across 42 facilities have adopted SOCMA’s Chemical Operations Training Tool to train and refresh employees on standard operations and processes in chemical manufacturing. SOCMA is excited to expand this modernized training tool to non-member manufacturers.

“SOCMA developed this comprehensive program with on-demand training in mind,” said Joe Dettinger, Senior Director, Compliance & Stewardship at SOCMA. “Having led EHS&S operations at a facility for many years, I understand the importance of thorough training and the need to safely onboard operators about the mechanics behind each process.”

Companies that have implemented the modernized platform found the tool to be an efficient resource for both in-person and remote training.

“The SOCMA Chemical Operations Training Tool has had a positive impact to our overall training program,” stated Sean L. Evans, Senior Production Training Specialist, Siegfried USA, LLC. “We currently use the training tool as part of our on-boarding process for new chemical operators, which provides us with the means to incorporate animated videos, lessons, and testing. This is especially helpful when we hire operators with less experience and allows us to take our training to the next level.”

The training tool is available through an annual subscription and consists of four interactive learning units, plus a fifth unit that contains 25 additional learning animations.

Each unit is subdivided into chapters that include:

  • 3D animated renderings and models of facility equipment for experiential learning.
  • Interactive exercises to identify operational components and location of hardware.
  • Self-assessments to confirm comprehension of standard operating processes.

“The innovation behind the Chemical Operations Training Tool takes adult learning a step further with the use of interactive micro-learning,” said Dettinger.

To learn more about how to advance your company’s training needs, contact or register for our webinar, “Training and On-boarding Teams in a Virtual Space” on June 25. 

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