SOCMA has gathered the following information on high-demand products used to combat COVID-19.

If you need the following products please reach out to SOCMA Member Companies ChemDirect and Sandrine.

Chemical ProductCAS NumberStandard Application
Cocamide Diethanolamine68603-42-9Soap
Dodecylbenzylsulfonic Acid25155-30-0Soap
Ethanol64-17-5Hand Sanitizer
Isopropyl Alcohol 99.8%67-63-0Hand Sanitizer
Sodium Dichloroisocyanurate2893-78-9Disinfectants


Additionally, SOCMA has partnered with EchoSystem to support high demand product-based B2B connection during COVID-19.

EchoSytem’s Visibility and Procurement Platform (VAPP) aims to streamline the sourcing of critical materials needed to combat COVID-19 and also to provide visibility and access for the organizations most in need. 

Any product listed on Schedule A or Schedule B. The updated real-time list can be viewed by clicking here

  • Schedule A: Raw materials necessary for producing critical items to combat COVID-19 that can be traded between distributors (and eventually producers and manufacturers).  

  • Schedule B: Finished goods such as N95 Masks, Gloves, etc. 

Organizations can list an unlimited amount of raw materials or products as long as they are on Schedule A or B. 

Subscription fees are waived until the current conditions are abated.

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