April 26, 2022

In a letter to its membership, SOCMA announced the launch of a short-term safety emphasis initiative today.

Over the next six weeks, SOCMA will deliver a series of virtual programming and resources to support operations teams in the following areas. The campaign puts safety preparedness as the focal point and will cover:

  • Plant emergency response and preparedness
  • Material handling and transfer
  • Crisis communications

Last week SOCMA published a public statement detailing the organization’s commitment and currently available resources.

Leading efforts on this campaign are Joe Dettinger, Senior Director, Technical & Safety, and SOCMA’s newest team member, Sarah F. Williams, Senior Manager, Technical & Safety. Their thirty years of combined industry experience are vital to ensuring the focus of the programming is relevant and targeted to specialty chemical producers.

With this initiative, SOCMA and its members aims to collectively raise the bar on safety awareness across the specialty chemical industry.

Program Schedule

The first program, Emergency Preparedness & Response: Establishing Community Relations and Best Practices, is scheduled for Thursday, May 11 and is open to SOCMA members.

The Society of Chemical Manufacturers & Affiliates (SOCMA) is a trade association led by President & CEO Jennifer Abril. Our organization represents and supports the Specialty Chemical industry and batch manufacturing through commercial lead generation, regulatory and legislative insight and operational best practice sharing. We represent 140 companies in this space and are committed to providing resources and information for SOCMA members and industry.

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