SOCMA Leadership Team Takes the Helm on Key Industry Boards and Councils

January 24, 2024 – In a series of recent developments, three members of SOCMA’s leadership team have assumed pivotal roles on influential industry boards and councils.

These strategic appointments ensure SOCMA is positioned at the forefront of discussions with regulatory and legislative agencies and provides a platform to amplify the voice of the specialty chemicals industry while opening doors to valuable business networking opportunities.

The latest appointments include:

  • Jennifer Abril, appointed as the Chair of the Council of Manufacturing Associations, a partner of the National Association of Manufacturers, for a one-year term.
  • Vera Stoeva, appointed to the Women in Chemicals Advisory Board, for a three-year term.
  • Robert Helminiak, Board Member on the Chemical Industry Council of California.

SOCMA President and CEO, Jennifer Abril, Appointed to Serve as Board Chair of the Council of Manufacturing Associations (CMA)

On January 11, Abril took the helm of the CMA, an organization made up of more than 200 industry-specific manufacturing associations representing 130,000 companies worldwide. Working with the National Association of Manufacturers, the CMA unites the manufacturing association community, and ultimately benefits SOCMA by promoting strategies for increased manufacturing job creation, investment, and innovation.

“As I assume the role of Chair for the Council of Manufacturing Associations, I am inspired by the resurgent demand for American manufacturing,” said Abril, “Leaders in the manufacturing sector have a unique opportunity to lead our industries through economic, political, geopolitical, and cultural uncertainty. In collaboration with the NAM, the CMA will advocate for job creation, investment and innovation in American manufacturing. The strength and weight of the CMA’s voice is unparalleled, and I am honored to serve as the champion for our collective industries’ resilience and growth.”

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SOCMA Chief Financial Officer, Vera Stoeva, has been appointed to the Women in Chemicals Advisory Board

As a dedicated advocate for women in the chemical industry, Vera’s advisory board position presents a unique opportunity to cultivate a dynamic environment within the specialty chemical manufacturing sector.

Women in Chemicals is dedicated to creating and identifying opportunities empowering women in the chemical industry.

SOCMA Vice President of Legal and Government Relations, Robert Helminiak, Serves on the Board of the Chemical Industry Council of California.

As a CICC board member, Robert plays a leadership role in shaping the direction and policies impacting chemical manufacturers and related entities in California. The extensive network of CICC members, operating across a spectrum of facilities and services, underscores the importance of collaboration and shared advocacy and aligns seamlessly with SOCMA’s current policy objectives.

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