April 13, 2021

Jenny Gaines
Senior Director, Communications and Engagement
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SOCMA Showcases Supply Chain Diversity, Industry Resilience in Fourth Edition of Specialty Insights

ARLINGTON, VA – The Society of Chemical Manufacturers & Affiliates (SOCMA) is pleased to unveil the fourth edition of Specialty Insights, highlighting the resiliency of specialty chemical companies that have adapted and shaped new commercial and supply chain strategies, positioning themselves for growth in 2021 and beyond.

“Over the past year, the industry showcased its innovative spirit, forging new paths to diversify supply chains and leverage technical expertise to foster greater business growth and connections in ways they would not otherwise have been able to sustain,” said Jennifer Abril, SOCMA President & CEO. “This edition captures and conveys the inherent ambition and optimism the specialty chemicals industry is known for as these companies continue to deliver safe products vital to the health and welfare of people around the world.”

The latest issue of Specialty Insights provides an intimate look at how the global pandemic led companies to pivot their expectations and shift product lines, finding success in accelerated sales efforts. Throughout these pages you will also learn about companies placing an increased focus on a circular economy, as ongoing diversification challenges call for critical analysis on the short- and long-term impacts of disruption to the global supply chain.

Advocacy continues to be a foundational focus for SOCMA, and association experts outline shifting environmental and workplace regulations by key federal agencies. SOCMA also offers an in-depth outlook on how the Biden Administration is reshaping trade policy and its potential impact on specialty chemical manufacturing.

Additionally, Specialty Insights celebrates SOCMA’s 100th anniversary, particularly recognizing the similarities between today’s challenges and those companies faced in 1921, when the world was recovering from a global pandemic post-World War 1. “Just like the early days of our association, the global pandemic paved a path toward renewed, broader perspectives – jettisoning things that no longer serve us and replacing them with innovation and growth,” Abril said.

Peruse Specialty Insights to learn more about the ingenuity and resourcefulness of the specialty chemical industry.

SOCMA members play an indispensable role in the global chemical supply chain, providing specialty chemicals to companies in markets ranging from aerospace and electronics to pharmaceuticals and agriculture.

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