November 7, 2020

Jenny Gaines
Senior Director, Communications & Engagement
(571) 348-5110

SOCMA Vows to Work with New Administration to Advance Issues Important to Specialty Chemical Industry

Arlington, VA – The Society of Chemical Manufacturers & Affiliates (SOCMA) today pledged to work with the newly elected Presidential Administration and Congress to advance key issues vital to the success of its members and the specialty chemical industry. In response to the 2020 election results, SOCMA President and CEO Jennifer Abril released the following statement:

“The extraordinary events of 2020 and the COVID-19 pandemic have significantly altered life as we know it. SOCMA welcomes the opportunity to highlight the important role specialty chemical manufacturers play in the U.S. recovery with President-elect Biden and other newly elected leaders. SOCMA members are creating life-saving vaccines and pharmaceuticals, as well as consumer and industrial products essential in mitigating the impact of the disruption to American lives. To continue our vital role, SOCMA will advocate for business certainty and relief from regulatory burdens that could impede this goal.”

With an expectation of greater federal oversight, SOCMA will provide an impact assessment from the election and is poised to begin establishing relationships with newly appointed staff, reinforcing connections with longtime allies, and focusing on key priorities that could impact the growth of the industry. SOCMA continues to serve as a champion for the specialty chemical industry, ensuring that its voice remains strong in Washington, DC, and beyond.

SOCMA is part of a $300 billion industry that’s fueling the U.S. economy. Our members play an indispensable role in the global chemical supply chain, providing specialty chemicals to companies in markets ranging from aerospace and electronics to pharmaceuticals and agriculture.

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