December 19, 2023

By Robert F. Helminiak
VP, Legal & Government Relations

Proposed TSCA Procedural Rule – SOCMA Advocates for Changes to TSCA Process

SOCMA provided EPA feedback and recommendations regarding the proposed changes to the TSCA Procedural Rule on December 15. SOCMA’s response to the priority issues in this rulemaking are below:

  • EPA cannot use a “whole chemical” approach, because it creates an inaccurate risk profile.
  • EPA should not prohibit exemptions for conditions of use.
  • EPA should assume compliance with other agency compliance regulations such as OSHA required use of PPE.
  • EPA must keep key scientific definitions in the existing Risk Evaluation Rule.

To view the full comments, click here.

EPA Identifies Five Chemicals for Prioritization & Review

EPA announced the next 5 chemicals that will undergo prioritization. Prioritization is the initial step in the process of evaluating existing chemicals under the Toxic Substances Control Act (TSCA) and is used to designate a chemical substance as either High Priority for further risk evaluation, or Low Priority for which risk evaluation is not warranted at the time.

The five chemicals listed for prioritization are: 

  1. Acetaldehyde (CASRN 75-07-0) 
  2. Acrylonitrile (CASRN 107-13-1) 
  3. Benzenamine (CASRN 62-53-3)
  4. 4,4’-Methylene bis(2-chloroaniline) (MBOCA) (CASRN 101-14-4)
  5. Vinyl Chloride (CASRN 75-01-4)

During the prioritization process, EPA will accept public comments on a chemical’s proposed designation. If EPA identifies a chemical as High-Priority, the agency will conduct a risk evaluation and develop a corresponding risk management rule.

If you are a SOCMA member company that manufactures or uses these chemistries in your manufacturing process, contact

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