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SOCMA Welcomes Seven New Members in Q1 2023

The Society of Chemical Manufacturers & Affiliates (SOCMA) has continued its growth into 2023 with the announcement of seven new member companies –ACCI Specialty Materials, AVN Corporation, Edgewater Capital Partners, EPIC Systems,FMI Capital Advisors, Shree Ganesh Remedies, Ltd., Vertrauen Chemie Solutions. These companies bring SOCMA’s membership to nearly 150 members.

April 3, 2023

Issue Summary: Modernization of Cosmetics Regulation Act of 2022

The Modernization of Cosmetics Regulation Act of 2022 (MoCRA) significantly expands FDA’s rulemaking and enforcement authority over cosmetics and creates substantial new compliance obligations for manufacturers, packers, and distributors of cosmetics intended for sale in the United States.

March 30, 2023

SOCMA Hosts ESG Workshop for Contract Manufacturers in April

As more contract chemical manufacturers implement ESG programs into operations, the Society of Chemical Manufacturers & Affiliates (SOCMA) announces its upcoming in-person ESG workshop, “Developing an ESG Strategy,” April 11 in Spartanburg, South Carolina.

March 30, 2023

ChemQuest Names Carla McBain, Ph.D., Director

The ChemQuest Group, a global consulting firm focused on tailored business strategy and optimization, technology acceleration, market intelligence, and M&A advisory services for the specialty materials industry, has appointed Carla McBain, Ph.D., a director.

March 20, 2023